WYD Gear Orders Closing Soon

Merchandise orders close this FRIDAY – YOU have been granted a few days extension. NO more orders will be possible after this FRIDAY. Place your order TODAY. Have a look at the range below…
If you have participated in previous WYD’s you will remember the Italians bright blue hats, the Mexican colorful poncho’s and other countries identifying dress. For WYD 2011 in Madrid, Australia has the ‘Aussie Pilgrim’ range which helps you stand out as an Aussie in a crowd from around the world!
Orders for ‘Aussie Pilgrim’ merchandise close on Friday 03 June and you need to order NOW to avoid disappointment.
Polo Shirts $28 | T-shirts $13 | Caps $7 | Tattoo’s $4.95
Postage and handling has been sponsored by OfficeMax to support WYD pilgrims.
Merchandise will be delivered to Pilgrimage Group Coordinators for distribution to local pilgrims at the end of June.

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