Thank You

Cook ISlanders Make it tow WYD 08

Our support makes it possible for many young Catholics from all over the world to come to WYD

Thanks to all who have so promptly forwarded the $60 for our time in Valencia. The money we have been asked to pay is for two things. Firstly, it is covering the cost of our meals while in Valencia and secondly EUR 5 of the money is a contribution towards covering the costs for pilgrims from poorer countries. The following quote from the organisers gives a greater context; “The Spanish Episcopal Conference has asked the Dioceses of Spain not to charge a fee to all countries of the group C, due to the economic difficulties in which they find themselves. For this reason and in order to help these pilgrims we have considered it appropriate that we all make an effort to cover the cost of our brothers and sisters from the poorest countries.” The letter from Valencia also makes the point that if we do not actively assist the poor to attend WYD and DID then we run the real risk of it becoming a gathering for the rich youth of the world and not a gathering of all Catholic young people.
Please keep each other in your prayers as we begin our final preparations for the pilgrimage.

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