Personal Preparation

As pilgrims preparing to travel to Madrid it is important that we take a little time each day if we can to reflect on why we are going. One great way to do this is to read about the WYD saints. Reading and reflecting on their lives will help us to prepare for Spain as it helps us to gain an insight into what the Spanish Church is hoping for. Do these saints demonstrate qualities of belief that work for me? Do any of these saints inspire if so why? If not why not?

On a cultural note do I know who the patron saint of Spain is? Madrid? Valencia? Barcelona? Will I able to visit their tombs? For me travelling to Spain last year and praying before the tombs of St Isadore, St Therese of Avila and St John of the Cross was a very moving experience. I will come back to Spain with a deeper insight into the profound influence these saints had not only on Spain but on the world.

The Tomb of St Isadore

This coffin in the Cathedral of Madrid contains the remains of the St Isadore.

Statue of St Isadore

Statue of Isadore Madrid

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