Labyrinth Dorrigo Formation Day

Walking the Labyrinth a pilgrimage in miniature

The Dorrigo RSL Club echoed to song and prayer as 27 of our pilgrims gathered for the first combined formation meeting of the ALP. Fr Anthony, PP of St Mary of the Angel’s Parish and Pilgrimage leader was thrilled that pilgrims were prepared to travel for up to three hours to gather. “One of the important parts of any pilgramge is formation. Through formation you get to meet the others who are sharing the journey with you as well as reflecting on the spiritual aspects of pilgrimage.” Fr Anthony said.

The gathered pilgrims worked through a process of reflecting on journeys in life and in scripture. The pilgrims had the opportunity to walk a labyrinth to gain an experince of pilgrimage in miniature. The gathering in Dorrigo also provided pilgrims with an opportunity to find out about Spanish artistic and religious culture and to ask questions of a practical nature about the trip itself. “Many of the pilgrims will be first time travellers so there were a few logistical issues to cover.” said Carmel the APL’s logistics coordinator.

Those who were unable attend today’s gathering missed a wonderful opportunity to meet others travelling to Madrid. But there is another opportunity on Saturday 2 July. This is the day of the ALP’s formal commissioning in St Mary and St Joseph’s Cathedral in Armidale by Bishop Luc Matthys. The Bishop and the Coordination Team look foward to all our pilgrims gathering on 2 July.

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