First Catechesis

Our pilgrims experienced their first animation and Catechesis today in a massive circus tent which held around 1000 people. The animation team was from the Australian Salvatorians and they were pretty good. The packed tent was moving and shaking and singing in preparation for the Cate hiding Bishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan from New York. He was a most engaging and entertaining speaker. The English speaking countries of Australia, New Zealand, Philipines, Scotland, England, South Africa we completely engaged with the Cardinal’s address. He called pilgrims to allow Christ into their lives daily and not to procrastinate about making the choice to live by the teachings of Christ. Especially those about showing mercy.

Following Mass pilgrims dispersed to youth festival events across the city. Many, like Henry, Angela, Zac, Eddie, Ed and Lauren saw the Holy Father as he drove around the city from Wawel Castle and addressed pilgrims from JPIIs window. Still others went to various talks and concerts ranging from Taize to Matt Maher.

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