Journey Update

The blog has been quiet for a few days but we have been amazingly busy. There have been so many highlights. Our day at Jasna Gora was a blessing. We arrived thinking that there would be crowds and we would see little. However, that was not to be. We around around 11:40 am thinking we would have 20 minutes see the Icon of the Black Madonna as it is usually closed from 12 until 2. For WYD it is open all all the time. This message may not have filtered through. Pilgrims may have thought that the normal practice would be in place so when we got there there were very few and we we able to go into the Chapel and kneel before the Madonna and have a nice slow walk along the pilgrim path around her. Part way through we got a call over the PA for the Australian group to come immediately to the Basilica.

We were told that we would just be participating in the English Mass taking place. Our call was to tell us that we were it. Our Bishops worked quickly and planned the liturgy. We had no journals or musical instruments nor had we chosen hymns. Not a problem from the one book we used our phones to take pics of the hymns. We would be ok singing with out a guitar as there were only 60 of us. SO blissfully ignorant of the now filling nave we began. The acoustics made us sound amazing. It was only when it came to Communion that we realised we were singing to a packed congregation. For many to that point this was a high light of the pilgrimage.

We had a lovely afternoon wander Czestohowa, sampling the local food and atmosphere.

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