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Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

This is a great read from the RIo WYD site.

We will show here a list of the five main points of WYD in Madrid, analysed by Benedict XVI in his end of the year review (it’s worth reading it online).

1 – A new experience of catholicity.

WYD is a live New Evangelization. It allows us to feel the catholicity, the universality of the Church: people from every continent, being so different by language, culture, nation, they share the same feeling and ideals. It is a real class of pluralism.

2 – New way to be man.

In Madrid there were about 20.000 young volunteers, showing a perennial vitality of charity, which takes a new shape throughout the times. By the altruism, of solidarity and service, many rediscover God’s and other’s love, which is the true reason of human action.

3 – Revaluation of Adoration.

The real presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist is the main focus of WYD. It is where the Church gets fed and finds strength in every faithful man. It is the attitude that we have in front of the Eucharist that defines if a person is not compromised with Christ.
4 – Rediscovery of the Penitence.

It wouldn’t be an authentic meeting with Christ if the penitence was not taken care of. Jesus is demanding and the proposal of the Christian life has as goal nothing more than the sanctity. That’s why, the penitential effort of purification, which every baptised person has in his life, needs the grace of God to reach perfection. The sacramental confession of personal sins to a priest is the only ordinary manner, established by Christ himself, to respond to the human effort for God’s free forgiveness. Who frequently attends this sacrament, receiving the absolution from the priests, feel the joy, the security, the trust with the own fight of being a better person.

5 – Re-strengthening of the Joy.

According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, joy is “right act and effect of charity”, since “the same charity inclines to love, to wish the beloved and to rejoice in him” (Theo. Sum. IIa-IIæ, q. 28, a. 5, c). If by charity the Christian are known, everywhere where they are their main feature should, then, be the smile of joy.

João Carlos Nara Jr.


First Formation Meeting

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

The Armidale pilgrim group met for the first time on 2 March in Armidale. The day brought together pilgrims from Armidale, Tamworth, Warialda, Walgett and Nemingha. The pilgrimage chaplain, Fr O’Shea, led the pilgrims into a deeper understanding of what it means to go and make disciples of all nations. The pilgrims also learnt about all the per prep that needs to happen in the next few months.
It was an exciting first meeting topped off by a great lunch at a local pub.